Over 20 years ago, SVC’s principals began development of the very early airborne imaging spectrometers, resulting in the first full range field portable spectroradiometer in the world. Soon after, the first array based spectroradiometer was designed and patented.

In 2003, principals Tom Corl and Lawrence Slomer founded Spectra Vista Corporation, with the goal of both supporting and improving airborne imaging technologies. After years of research and development, SVC proudly unveiled its i-Series instruments; the next-generation evolution of portable spectroradiometers.

SVC’s i-Series represents a family of instruments that provide the ultimate in acquisition of accurate and repeatable field spectral measurements. In addition to spectral measurement improvements, the newly evolved instruments collect critical institute information such as GPS coordinates, target photographs and external sensor data.

Most recently, SVC concluded development of its Direct Connect Reflectance Transmission DC-R/T Sphere and Leaf Clip, Reflectance Probe LC-RP PRO for accurate leaf and soil measurements. These ancillary devices ensure that detailed leaf level research can be conducted using the most repeatable and reliable data available anywhere.

Today, SVC continues to support all generations of its instruments and ancillary products, but doesn’t believe in resting on its laurels. The company has stayed loyal to its roots; never forgetting its commitment to ongoing research and development.

By continually striving to improve portable spectroradiometer technologies, Spectra Vista Corporation proudly maintains its position as suppliers of the most advanced and convenient portable spectroradiometers in the world.